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I thought that Windows users could use an up-to-date howto on getting Darcs up and running. First I will show what needs to be downloaded. Then I will describe the configuration tweaks that need to be performed.

Required Downloads

Required Configuration Tweaks

  1. Create a new folder c:\bin
  2. Copy all the downloaded exe and dll files into c:\bin
  3. Rename plink.exe to ssh.exe.
  4. Rename psftp.exe to sftp.exe
  5. Rename pscp.exe to scp.exe
  6. Prepend ‘C:\bin;’ to your PATH environment variable. See my previous post on how to do this.
  7. Use PuTTYgen to generate and store your key. I recommend leaving the password blank for your key, otherwise you have to enter it every time.
  8. Copy your public ssh key (from PuTTYgen) and add it to ‘my ssh keys’ on Patch-Tag.
  9. Run Pageant and add your previously generated key (the previous link describes this as well).
  10. Voila! You are now setup to push and pull repositories with Darcs and Patch-Tag!


How hard is this for most of you Darcs Windows users out there? Would you be interested in an installer which sets this all up for you?

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Patch-Tag has been adopted by many Haskellers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. While the open-source projects will continue to be a vital and irreplacable component of our community, we are also looking to private enterprises who want Darcs hosting.

To those private enterprises I would ask: What pay model seems fair? At this point, we are leaning towards a very similar model to github. What features would you pay to see added to Patch-Tag? Your feedback is critical.


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Thomas and I have been working hard on the next release which should have the following benefits:

  • More robust email system
  • Web authoring system (Wiki)
  • Diff and patch browsing

Right now you can browse the files and view the last 50 patches, but we are looking to expand beyond this. In the future we are also looking into the possibility of:

  • Event notification (email and rss to track patches)
  • Private repositories with guaranteed backups (pricing is still up in the air)
  • Paid support for your darcs-using organization
  • Git support
  • And many other new features!

What would you like to see in patch-tag? Leave a comment below.

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This blog will be the place to find out (officially) what is happening with patch-tag.com. Check back often as we are regular releasing new features.

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