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This is mostly for myself, but maybe the googlebot will pick it up and help some others.

Basically, patch-tag encourages https: browsing post log in because, well, it’s the right thing to do. (IMHO, https should be the default option for web browsing, and there is a school of thought about that, but I’m in too much hurry to track it down. Comments welcome ;) )

So, I bought my ssl cert from godaddy to make it possible. And it expired, and I couldn’t remember how to make it work again.

After a bit of mucking around, I chose “renew ssl cert” in godaddy, and paid their pound of flash. Downloaded a little zipped bundle patch-tag.com.zip from godaddy. Contained 2 .crt files, patch-tag.com.crt and gd_bundle.crt.

To get things using the new cert, I edited


leaving the top portion (pk) unchanged, and swapping out the bottom portion (cert) with the contents of patch-tag.com.crt file from godaddy.

I then did /etc/init.d/stunnel4 restart

afaict, good to go.

Not sure what that other cert file (gd_bundle.crt) is for.

That’s all folks.

Happy tagging!

PS This page was also helpful for

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I noticed that on windows, I was receiving this error when trying to get a darcs2 repository on windows:

unable to initialise SFTP: could not connect

Apparently, the Windows version of Darcs-2 requires the use of the sftp sub-system. In response to this, I have added SFTP support to the ssh jail. Has anyone else encountered something like this? It just goes to show that there are many caveats to getting ssh & darcs working in a cross-platform manner.

We want Patch-Tag to be a very smooth and friendly experience for the end-user. So please speak up when you run into issues. There are three ways you can get in touch with us currently:

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Patch-Tag has been adopted by many Haskellers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. While the open-source projects will continue to be a vital and irreplacable component of our community, we are also looking to private enterprises who want Darcs hosting.

To those private enterprises I would ask: What pay model seems fair? At this point, we are leaning towards a very similar model to github. What features would you pay to see added to Patch-Tag? Your feedback is critical.


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Thomas and I have been working hard on the next release which should have the following benefits:

  • More robust email system
  • Web authoring system (Wiki)
  • Diff and patch browsing

Right now you can browse the files and view the last 50 patches, but we are looking to expand beyond this. In the future we are also looking into the possibility of:

  • Event notification (email and rss to track patches)
  • Private repositories with guaranteed backups (pricing is still up in the air)
  • Paid support for your darcs-using organization
  • Git support
  • And many other new features!

What would you like to see in patch-tag? Leave a comment below.

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This blog will be the place to find out (officially) what is happening with patch-tag.com. Check back often as we are regular releasing new features.

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